Dennis HurleyMechanical Engineer

    B.E., Stevens Institute of Technology – Mechanical Engineering, Machine Design Major

    FIELDS OF SPECIALTY:  Performs engineering forensics investigations on vehicular, tires, structural, and building products.  ASTM member familiar with a broad range of ASTM test methods and specifications.  Polymer compounding, twin screw extruder technology, process development, product development, plant design & safety, machine design, FEMA regulation specialist.  Plastics extrusion, lumber, compounding, welding, and product failure analysis.


    Trident Engineering Associates, Inc., Annapolis, Maryland, 2003-Present.  Associate.

    • Expert witness in legal cases involving intellectual property and class actions.
    • Perform engineering forensics investigations on vehicular, tires, structural, and building products.

    FEMA Project Officer.   Provides engineering expertise at disaster sites to assess damages and estimate repair costs of facilities, equipment and vehicles owned by state and local governments.

    • 2005-2006 – Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the New Orleans area.
    • 2007 – Nor’easter in New York State

    DJH Process Engineering, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 2000-Present.  Independent Consultant.

    • Consulting in twin-screw extrusion, polymer processing, composites, plastic lumber and complete manufacturing systems.

    EarthShell Corporation, LLC, Baltimore, Maryland, 1999-2000.  Engineering Manager.

    • Developed continuous manufacturing process and application system for biodegradable coating for biodegradable packaging system.

    TriMax Division of US Plastic Lumber (formerly Polymerix, Inc.), Ronkonkoma, NY, 1988-1999.  Vice President of Technology.

    • Developed and commercialized a process to manufacture a composite lumber product made from recycled material.
    • Responsible for process and formulation development, tooling design and manufacture, plant design and layout, establishment of quality control standards and methods, and a full documentation package for the licensing of the technology.
    • Also responsible for all product testing, development of product specifications and properties and the transmission of this information via technical sales efforts.

    Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1997-1999.  Adjunct Faculty.

    • Taught hands-on engineering course that encompasses product development and project management.

     General Foods Corporation, Cranbury, New Jersey, 1985-1988.  Project Manager.

    • Ran experiments for various divisions regarding the extru­sion of breakfast cereals, snack foods, coffee and instant pasta.

    Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation, Ramsey, New Jersey, 1973-1985.  Senior Process Engineer.

    • Responsible for process assistance to twin-screw extruder customers. This involved the processing of a broad range of polymers, food products and other materials.
    • Design and manufacture of machinery and tooling for plastics welding systems.


    1976          Plastics Die Design by Sidney Levy

    March 2004 Bendix Air Brake Systems

    August 2005 SPE – Plastics Failure Analysis

    2005-2006  FEMA Training – OPS1, OPS2, PW Writing, CEF Introduction, ERO Training, Safety Training, Computer Security Training.

    2006          OSHA – Construction Safety & Health Certification # 0010151314

    2009          ASCE – Fifth Congress on Forensic Engineering – November 11-14, 2009

    2010          ASCE Webinar – Design of Buildings for Coastal Flooding by William L. Coulbourne, P.E., M.ASCE


    • 1996 Nova Award – presented by The Construction Innovation Forum for innovative building products.
    • 2001 Rainforest Star Award – presented by Rainforest Relief for a positive impact on the environment.

    PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS:  ASTM – Engineering Forensics, Plastic Lumber, and Composite Lumber Technical Committees.  Society of Plastics Engineers – Senior Member;


    Welding Thermoplastics, 1976-79 Modern Plastics Encyclopedia.

    Welding of Extruded Profiles by Dennis J. Hurley and Ernst Pecha presented at the Society of Plastics Engineers 1979 Annual Technical Conference.

    New Polypropylene High Efficiency Solar Heating System by Dennis J. Hurley and Donald G. Harter presented at the Society of Plastics Engineers 1979 Annual Technical Conference.

    Improving Pigment Dispersion in Polymers by Varying Extrusion Conditions Society of Plastics Engineers Regional technical conference, October 3-5, 1983.

    Recycled Plastics for Use in Extruded Products Coperion Corporation Symposium on Composite Lumber Manufacturing, September 21, 2000.

    Plastic Lumber Materials and Processes American Society of Engineers, Ports 2004 Conference, Houston, Texas, May 23, 2004.


    None within past four years.


    U.S. PATENTS:  D317,372 – June 11, 1991:  Die design for breakfast cereal.

    Community Service

    • North Middleton Township, PA – Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Review Committee – 2010-2011
    • North Middleton Township, PA – Planning Commission – 2011-2015