Gain peace of mind knowing every angle of an electrical failure has been explored, every conceivable reason exposed.

Many events define electrical failure: lightning strikes, appliance fires, electrical systems gone awry. Whatever the event, our experienced team of electrical engineering professionals drills into your case to find the root cause and pinpoint nothing less than concrete answers to questions of what, when and why.

Our electrical engineering experts go to the scene and/or examine in the laboratory situations that occur at residential or commercial sites as well as at vehicular scenes. In addition, Trident has experience assessing battery and charger flaws and malfunctions so you can be confident all the bases have been covered.



  • Appliance Failures & Fires: Cell phone, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Toaster/Toaster oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, Water Heater, Coffee pot, Stove/Range, Dishwasher, TV, VCR, etc.
  • Equipment Failures & Fires: Surge Suppressors, Power tools, HVAC
  • Utility faults: Transformer, Meter, Service Panel, Power Surge, Lightning Strike, Improper Wiring
  • Household Wiring Faults: Switches, Receptacles, Loose Connections, Open Neutral
  • Battery Failures & Fires
  • Electrical Arcing
  • Electrocution & Electric Shock Investigation
  • Code Compliance (National Electrical Code, NEC)
  • Subrogation of Damages, Expert Witness, and Litigation Support
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