Our rapid response team mobilizes to respond to catastrophes in the air or on the water, whether due to the collision, corrosion, or the wrath of Mother Nature.

Trident’s Annapolis, Maryland, location and proximity to the U.S. Naval Academy put us in an environment that is rich with marine and aviation expertise. Trident’s Aviation and Marine Engineering experts provide comprehensive investigations and objective, understandable reports, including conclusions, consultation, support, and testimony.


  • Stanley “Sandy” Dapkunas, P.E. Director of Materials Science
  • Karen Wiley-Alt, SAMS®, AMS®
    Karen Wiley-Alt, SAMS®, AMS® Marine Surveyor
  • Timothy Geis, P.E.
    Timothy Geis, P.E. Electrical Engineer
  • Andrew Quinn, P.E.
    Andrew Quinn, P.E. Civil Engineer, Marine, Diver


  • Aircraft windshield failure analyses acknowledged throughout the aviation
    insurance industry
  • Aircraft accident investigations
  • Marine engineering investigations of:
    • Ships
    • Pleasure craft
      • Naval Architect
      • Certified Marine Surveyor
    • Ship’s machinery
    • Shipboard and on-shore cargo handling equipment
    • Diesel, electric and steam propulsion systems
    • Underwater vehicles
  • Underwater explosives
  • Marine structure investigations
    • Bulkheads
    • Docks
    • Cargo and vessel handling equipment
  • Aviation and Marine component failure analyses including metallurgy and operational factors.
    • Corrosion and galvanic reaction analysis and solutions.