Case Study: Investigation of Damages to a Bridge


Trident Engineering was retained by a waste collection company to investigate an accident that involved damage to a small railroad bridge that was hit by one of their waste collection trucks. The scene was investigated, and local signage was found to be out of compliance with state regulations.

The damaged bridge and tracks were inspected. Significant damage due to prior impacts and the ravages of time were observed. Inspection and maintenance records were reviewed. These records demonstrated that the transit company that owns the railroad bridge should have been aware of the condition of their bridge prior to the accident. A Trident specialist provided a detailed and itemized cost estimate to replace the entire bridge and foundation plus cost to realign the displaced railroad tracks.


Trident’s investigator actively supported client’s insurance adjuster in negotiations with the transit company that owns the damaged railroad bridge. Negotiations resulted in a settlement that was less than 20% of the damages that were being sought by the transit company.


  • C. Gregory Russell
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