What makes us unique

Our unsurpassed team of professional forensic engineering and investigative experts is dedicated to uncovering the hard facts and delivering sound solutions.

Trident Engineering Associates, Inc. has been delivering uncompromised, objective solutions to insurance, legal, private and government clients since its beginnings more than 50 years ago.

It all started in 1959 when a select group of senior faculty members from the esteemed United States Naval Academy joined forces to offer the expertise and services of a first-class technical institution. They called themselves Trident Engineering to reflect their naval roots and their collective wisdom, strength, and leadership.

Today, Trident has since evolved to become one of the leading forensic engineering firms in the country, investigating and determining the causes of accidents, explosions, fires; and electrical, mechanical, and structural failures as well. We are proud to provide a team of experienced scientists and engineering investigators that cover a complete spectrum of forensic engineering and fire o&c needs from skills related to metallurgy, stress analyses, toxicology, flammability and laboratory analysis among other core disciplines. Our clients have always been, and always will be, our highest priority. Law firms, insurance companies, private parties and government agencies all turn to Trident Engineering for technical investigation and litigation support.

For decades our philosophy has remained unchanged: to provide an immediate response on even the shortest notice for domestic and international cases. No matter what the scope of the case, you will receive nothing less than professional, unbiased and uncompromised services and solutions.

We respond quickly and efficiently. We meet or exceed your needs and expectations by delivering objective analysis and concrete solutions. Commitment to excellence is the cornerstone on which Trident is built.

Unique 2-PRO Peer Review Process

We take great care in preparing comprehensive Case Reports and we go the distance to ensure that every one is written in easy-to-understand terms for nontechnical individuals, including juries.

When you receive your Case Report you are assured it conclusively identifies and documents failures as well as cause and effect relationships. What’s more, every one of the reports is thoroughly examined and signed by two experts through our unique and unparalleled 2-PRO Peer Review Process – a process that is unique to Trident and the forensic engineering industry.

With our 2-PRO Peer Review Process, our lead investigator will compile your final Case Report. Next, a second expert with similar or cross-discipline expertise will review and verify all calculations and theories and examine the report for accuracy, completeness, and readability. Finally, our excellent administrative staff Finalizes the report to insure it’s up to Trident’s standards of excellence. This system of checks and balances helps ensure only the most precise, accurate reports are delivered to our clients.