Dennis J. Hurley | Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Dennis J. Hurley first became associated with Trident Engineering in 2002 when he and Trident’s Dr. Donald W. Vannoy, P.E. worked together as experts for the defense of Trex, Inc. in a composite lumber patent infringement case. Mr. Hurley graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology 1973 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree majoring in Mechanical Engineering/Machine Design. He later spent three years as a member of the Stevens adjunct faculty, teaching undergraduate engineering.

Upon graduation Mr. Hurley joined Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation, a manufacturer of plastics processing equipment for twelve years. Mr. Hurley was initially responsible for the design of plastics welding systems and tooling. He then became a Senior Process Engineer for twin-screw extruders, responsible for running field and laboratory trials and designing extruder configurations to process a broad range of polymers and food products. After WPC, Mr. Hurley joined General Foods Corporation as an R&D project manager for three years. He developed extrusion processes to manufacture breakfast cereals and other food products.

Next, as Vice President of Technology of Polymerix, Inc., Mr. Hurley developed the
TriMax composite lumber product. TriMax is a structural grade product comprised of recycled polyethylene and fiberglass reinforcement. Mr. Hurley developed and commercialized the process to manufacture TriMax, was responsible formulation development, tooling design and manufacture, plant design and layout, establishment of quality control standards and methods, and a full documentation
package for the licensing of the technology. More recently, Mr. Hurley worked as a FEMA Project Officer after Hurricane Katrina and several other presidentially declared disasters.

Areas of Practice:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Vehicle Failure
  • Machinery Failure
  • Building Material Failure
  • Plastics Extrusion (Twin-screw)
  • Composite Building Materials
  • Patent Litigation
  • Disaster Area Investigation
  • FEMA Project Management
  • ASTM Testing

Professional Memberships:


  • U.S. PATENT D317,372 – June 11, 1991: ie design for breakfast cereal.
  • 1996 Nova Award – presented by The Construction
    Innovation Forum for innovative building products.
  • 2001 Rainforest Star Award – presented by Rainforest Relief for a positive
    impact on the environment.