Charles H. Mast | Fire Origin and Cause Engineering

Fire Investigator


Areas of Practice:

  • Fire origin and cause investigation
  • Post explosion investigations
  • Fire code investigations
  • Insurance claims, accidental or fraud

Professional Memberships:

National Professional Qualifications:

  • Fire Investigator
  • Fire Service Instructor
  • Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Firefighter III
  • Fire Officer II
  • Public Fire Educator I

Other Professional Qualifications:

  • Licensed Private Investigator


  • Dundalk Community College- AA Degree
  • Fire Arson Investigation-National Fire Academy
  • 8 Week Training Program-Fire and Arson Investigation-Baltimore County Fire Department
  • Montgomery County Fire and Rescue-The Mechanics of Fire Investigation
  • Baltimore County Police Department Training Academy
    -Probable Cause
    -Arson and Burning
    -Homicide Investigation
    -Constitutional and Criminal Law
    -Evidence Collection
  • Baltimore County Fire Department-Incident Safety Officer Class
  • Baltimore County Fire Department-Leadership and Supervision Class
  • National Fire Academy-Firefighter Safety and Survival, Company Officers Responsibilities
  • Maryland Law Enforcement Officers-Domestic Violence and Terrorism
  • Baltimore County Police Department-Firearms Training
  • Post Blast Investigator School – FBI, Department Of Justice
  • IAAI Spring Training (Natural Gas Explosions)
  • Arson Crime Scene Investigation – FBI, Department Of Justice
  • Annual Fire Investigators Seminar IAAI
  • Incident Response To Terrorist Bombings, New Mexico Tech. EMRTC
  • Advanced Origin and Cause I Courtroom Techniques, ATF
  • Advanced Explosive Investigation Techniques ATF
  • Investigation of Vehicle Fires by Lee S. Cole & Associates
  • Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents
  • Fire Dynamics and Fire Modeling National Fire Academy
  • Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction. IAAI < MFEIA
  • Cell Phone Investigation, Explosive Awareness, NICB as an Investigation Tool IAAI < MFEIA
  • NFPA 921 Overview, ATF
  • IAAI; Electrical issues for INV. Legal Issues, DNA recovery
  • Forensic Evidence Collection National Fire Academy 08/08/2010