Mechanical Engineering

Trident’s mechanical engineers are consistently called up on to examine product defects and provide comprehensive investigations to determine mode and cause of failure. Whether it’s a forklift, gas heater or an aircraft elevator, we can handle the job no matter how large or small.

We’ll go the distance, examining original product design specs, component modifications, age/condition, usage methods, safety labeling and safeguarding mechanisms so you can be assured that every aspect of the case has been thoroughly examined and explored. When you get the answers from Trident, you can be confident they’re the right ones.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Component and Equipment Failures
  • Accident Investigation and Crash Reconstruction
    (Personal and Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment)
  • Construction and Industrial Accidents
  • HVAC
  • Subrogation of Insurance Losses due to Product Defect
  • Expert Witness &Litigation Support


  • Trex, Inc., was accused of patent infringement the year 2000. Trident was hired as expert witnesses to support the technical aspects of the case.